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Publications I have written:

This book elaborates in great detail on two of the "ESIF" roles that are mentioned in the Sourcebook on RBM: those of innovator and solutions manager, and how these can collaborate. It is crucial reading for anyone who wants to use ESIF (or any other public funding) to tackle the complex challenges that the public sector faces, rather than "do more of the same" without making much progress. This book is an output of the transnational ESIF project "Meer werk maken van innovatie voor werkgelegenheid en arbeidsmarkt" (ESF project 4895 in Flanders). The annexes can be found at

The second edition of the book that was an output of the Community of Practice on Results Based Management project. It explains how funding organizations such as ESIF managing authorities (but equally organisations such as the World Bank, UN, etc.) can focus on results, for themselves, the partners they work with as well as citizens and other stakeholders.

A guide I wrote for project promotors on the logical framework approach (translated from Dutch). Although I am not an advocate anymore of Logframes as a "one size fits all" approach to project formulation and management, some of the methodology (especially the analysis) is still relevant.

An early guide on how to prepare ESF programmes for the 2007-2014 programming period. Most of what is in this book is now outdated and replaced by the Sourcebook on Results Based Management as well as the Toolkit for supporting social innovation with ESIF.

Publications I have contributed to:

Conference papers and articles:

E-learning modules

An introduction into the "new" way of thinking about managing for results. Freely accessible to all. This is an output of the Community of Practice on RBM project.

Seminars and courses:

I regularly speak at various seminars. I am fully responsible for designing and delivering a few of these that are repeated once or twice a year:
  • Improving public sector performance for the 21st century with EIPA in Maastricht
  • Mastering Theory Based Impact Evaluation with EIPA in Maastricht
  • Practical Toolbox for EU Funds Project Managers with the Berlin Academy
  • New delivery methods for ESIF with EIPA in Maastricht (to be announced)

I also teach academic courses at the Antwerp Management School (on evaluation in the Master on public management) as well as the Hogeschool in The Hague (on strategic risk management).

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